Lumina AT2 System

The AT2 system is capable of scanning any flat shape less than or equal to 450mm x 450mm..

  • Resilient: Capable of scanning fragile and thin samples.

  • Robust: Dynamic beam tracker enables compensation for substrate bow and warp. Optional bow measurement module is also available.

  • Efficient: Full-surface scan of 300mm wafer in 2 minutes.

  • Sensitive: : 200nm PSL sensitivity on silicon and 300nm PSL sensitivity on glass.

Instrument Specifications

  • Temperature: 18 - 30 °C

  • Voltage:           120/230 VAC

  • Current:           8 A/4 A

  • Weight:            1058lbs lbs/480 kg

  • Dimensions:   1037 x 1037 x 2005mm

                              (40.8 x 40.8 x 79 in.)